Subject of Activities

BULPLAN has been established to serve the investment market, in relation with real estate and building on territories. It is an entity with competencies in the field of regional development and town planning, preinvestment planning, investment process management and informatics, and operates jointly with its permanent partners - specialized financial economic and legal consultancies. 

BULPLAN renders consulting services to:

- Municipal Administrations;

- Land-owners in cities, and towns

- Owners of agricultural land;

- Investors - Trading Companies, entrepreneurs or physical persons who have or are in a position to mobilize investment capital]

- Banks, and other lending institutions which provide investment loans;

- Real Estate Agencies.

Major fields of  BULPLAN activities are as follows:

Regional surveys and Regional Development, including investigations aiming at finding development potential

General Town-planning Surveys and General Town-planning

Detailed Town-planning Surveys and detailed Town-planning

Development and implementation of Data Base Management Projects for the needs of Town-planning and Regional Administrations

Comprehensive Investigations for Project Location

Comprehensive studies of investment realization of land including the following:

- ownership and legal status;

- town-planning regulations, including procedures for allowable changes]

- possibilities for building-up, including engineering-and-geological conditions;

- possibilities for linking of engineering and transport infrastructures.

Comprehensive studies and implementation of procedures for separating vacant parts of the terrain, not completed buildings, and other unused sites of industrial enterprises, in view of their privatization as individual parts (per methods approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction).

Studies of the possibilities for building-up of agricultural land, beyond the town construction boundaries and performing the procedures for modifying its use from agricultural to non-agricultural needs.

Specialised and package expertise concerning investments projects.

Investment design engineering of apartment blocks and public buildings.

 Personnel Resources

 BULPLAN integrates on contractual basis the professional skills and knowledge of a wide range (more than 80 persons) of highly qualified and experienced experts, who participate in teams on case by case basis.

As the case may be, the teams include:

- economist experts,

- technological experts by individual economic sectors;

- sociologists and demographic experts;

- specialists in regional development;

- planners;

- architects and landscape architects, structural design engineers, installation and technological specialists, all specialised in various types of residential and public construction;

- engineers, specialists in all systems of the engineering infrastructure;

- ecologists, specialists in evaluation of environmental impacts;

- financial analysts, specialists in investments and their funding through borrowing;

- lawyers, specialists in law of estate, administrative, and business law;

- organisers and managers of the construction process.


Major studies and projects

  Ministry of Regional Development and Publish Works

  Sofia Municipality

  Municipality of Varna

   Municipality of Rousse

    Municipality of Gabrovo


Stara Zagora Municipality: Feasibility Study of a Recreation and Amusement Park.

Haskovo Municipality: Assignment Programme of Detailed Town-planning of the Housing Zone of Haskovo; Detailed Town-planning of the City Centre of Haskovo

Formwork Equipment Manufacturing Plant Ltd. - Plovdiv: Separation of unused sites for privatisation as individual parts.

Razvitie Investment Fund, Sofia: Pre-feasibility study for construction of Boyana Residential Complex, at Kinotzentar area and Comprehensive Investment Project; Comprehensive Expertise of Investment Projects for construction of an Integrated Business Centre in Sofia.

Samokov Municipality: Study, implementation of the procedure for extension of the town boundary and detailed town-planning of the Northern Industrial Zone of Samokov.
Electronics Industries in the area of 7th km, Sofia: Comprehensive studies and procedures regarding establishing town-planning and law of estate and legislation for privatisation of individual parts of enterprises; Separation of parts of buildings, in view of their privatisation as individual parts.

Rousse Duty Free Zone: Strategic Plan and Detailed Town-planning in relation to the l-st stage of the realisation of the Project.

Power Committee - PHARE Programme: Regional Energy Planning for the Lovetch - in partnership with National Technical University of Athens - Energy Policy Unit, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
The World Bank, IFC/M.I.G.A.: Development of Land Use Plan of Varna Region, Aksakovo Region and Beloslav Region.